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Hi, my name is Lela. Yes I may look sad and scared. I was clearly mishandled or abused in my past. But I’m as sweet as chocolate pie. You see, I came in to Bartow AC as a stray. I was absolutely terrified. Thankfully, an advocate for me found this wonderful rescue who ended up saving me! I’m more so on the submissive timid side. I don’t care to play with other dogs, but I also don’t mind being around them. I kinda just do my own thing. I’m still learning how to be a dog and learning the art of play. I’m fully house and crate trained and I absolutely love belly rubs. Kids are pretty awesome too. But I’m not sure about cats. Maybe we could try it out! Anyways, I really hope you look past my sad face, and take that chance on me! Email if you’d like to set up a time to meet me!


Oh hiiiii! I’m Bob! Funny name for a funny lil dude! I’m not sure if you remember me, but I adopted when I was 8 weeks old and was returned recently. My rescuers say it’s not my fault, so I’m trying to remain happy. Seemly smile? Positivity is KEY! Anyways, I’m super friendly, super sweet, and more energetic! I would love a hiking buddy, running buddy, and adventure buddy! I love kids, but would probably do better in a home with older children as I’m so happy, I just want to jump up and give hugs. I am learning my manners with that though. I’m super dog friendly too! But I couldn’t tell ya about cats. I’ll give it go for you though! I’m house and crate trained and I LOVE chasing tennis balls! I like to play soccer with them! I’m fully vetted and ready for my true forever home. Can you call me yours forever?! Email right now to claim me as your new forever pack buddy!


Well hello there. My name is Scamp. I came from Bartow AC where I sat for months on end. Just waiting for someone to come save me. I was getting so sad and depressed. But thankfully, these wonderful ladies came for me and now I’m safe. I did have someone that was supposed to adopt me, but he bailed on me . A feeling all to familiar. I don’t want to feel sadness anymore. I want to be apart of a true pack family for the rest of my days. I’m an old man, around the age of 6. I weigh around 55-60 pounds but can afford to gain a little bit more. I’m a black lab mix and sweet as can be. I just LOVE people of all ages. I get along with other dogs but would prefer a home with no cats! I’m house and crate trained and fully vetted! So, the only thing I’m missing is YOU. Can you give me a chance to become a pack member of your family? If so, email!


We cannot believe this handsome boy is still here! Meet Dawson. This cutie is 25-30 pounds of spunk, sweetness, and love. He’s dedicated to his people and loves hard.


Here is his story:

Dawson came to us after a supporter of our rescue reached out notifying us that he was a “stray”. This was what we thought was true. But a day later we found his owner. She said she didn’t want him anymore and shoved him out the door, slamming it behind her. This took place up in Dawsonville which is how he got his name Dawson. Our supporter had no place to put him to keep him out of the freezing cold weather and begged for help. Of course we weren’t going to say no. So she so kindly drove him hours to us where he now stays with his foster family. He is doing great too! He is such a fun and sweet pup.


He is around 6 months old, what we think is a shepherd hound mix, fully vetted, and neutered. He is GREAT with other dogs and kids! He would probably chase a cat, but we can always do further testing as we haven’t done it just yet. He is almost fully house and crate trained and working on his basic manners. We can’t believe he is still with us. He’s got a heart of gold and wants nothing more then to be with his people. So, please give this dude a chance to pull at your heart strings. He will be your best friend forever, he just needs to find you!


Email us at if you’d like to set up a meet and greet with him

Hi! I’m Hazelnut. I was previously Emmie and came from Baldwin county at a really scary shelter where I was pregnant and about to lose my life. I’m a shy and timid girl and I’m figuring out how to be a dog. When I was rescued, I was terrified of EVERYTHING. I had to start from scratch to learn that not all people were bad and were going to hurt me. I’m slowly coming around but I do require some patience and time. Can you pretty please give me that?! I’m a hound staffy mix and I enjoy lots of cuddles. I love people of all ages and sizes and I’m super dog friendly too! I haven’t met any cats, but I think I would be fine with them! I’m willing to try if you are! I’m around 3 years old and really don’t need much except a warm home and some tlc. Could you be the one to make me yours? I hope so. I pray every night for the perfect pack home. My rescuers told me that you can email them at to set up a time to meet me! So go ahead and send that email. You won’t regret it! Love you future family! I’ll be waiting patiently!

Bennett is a sweet and loving boy who just wants to play with you and other doggy friends! His confidence is building everyday after being tormented and treated like dirt for many many months. He is still learning how to trust humans, but the humans he does trust, he loves them hard! He is a Staffy/Great Pyrenees mix and will be a large sized dog! He is only around 6-7 months now. He is dog friendly, human and kid friendly too! Fully vetted and ready for you!

Beckham is a lover boy. His sweet and shy personality makes him turn heads when anyone meets him. They always want more Beckham love! Anytime anyone falls or hurts themselves, Beckham runs over to check and make sure everyone is ok. He likes taking walks, but it is still a bit scary for him. But his confidence is getting better and better each and everyday! He is dog friendly, very kid and human friendly, and just wants a pack to call his own. He is also a Staffy/Great Pyrenees boy and will be large in size!

Hello, my name is Carmen. I’m a very sweet, shy, simple girl who is just looking for a calm loving home to call my own. I’m a boxer/olde English bulldog mix (maybe). I do love to be around children. They give me so much love and affection. This is something I absolutely love! I do get along with other dogs but I have not met any cats yet. I’m always willing to give it a go. I had three baby boys that are also apart of this rescue in now with. I’ve been a great mom! That’s what my rescuers tell me. But now, it’s time to let them go and finally find a home for myself. I’m doing really well at going potty outside. I just need to be on a routine! I may be a black dog, but I have so much to offer if you can just give me the chance. Email to set up a meet and greet with me!


Mylo is more of the adventurer. He loves exploring and he LOVES any toy that squeaks! He is very gentle when meeting new people and loves kids and other dogs! He hasn’t met any cats but we can cat test! He loves to go for long walks and loves to be outside! So if you’re looking for an adventure buddy or someone to just hang outside with you, Mylo is your dude! He is 40 pounds which makes him a medium sized dog and will won’t get any bigger! He is a retriever mix!

Hi! I’m Almond. Do you know my mommy Hazelnut?! I’m one of her kiddos! Just a sweet lil girl who is a hound mix of some sort! I’m super sweet, full of spunk, and a whole lotta love to give! I love kids, dogs, and cats… so why wait to add me to your pack?! I’ll give you all the sweet kisses, cuddles, and love you could ever ask for! So don’t wait! Email to set up a meet with me!

Leon is more of the cuddle bug. He loves his toys, sleep, and cuddles! He is kid friendly, dog friendly, but at this time we don’t know about cats. He is fully grown at 32 pounds and will not get any bigger! He is smooshy and cute as a button! He loves to smile for the camera and his happy personality can turn anyone’s frown upside down! He is the SWEETEST! He is a staffy mixed with something smaller, we just don’t know! He just needs a family to call his own!

Hi im Bo!! I came from Bartow County Animal Shelter with my three brothers. They were pretty mean to me and didn’t let me eat much. I had a really bad skin infection and was very underweight. Despite all that, and the 100 baths I have taken since then, I have NEVER shown the first sign of aggression!
BUT, look at me now! I’m a Great Pyrenees/Staffy mix so I will be a big boy! My favorite things are playing outside with my sisters and brother (all large breed dogs), watching my cat sister prance around the house, and loving on my three human brothers and sister. My foster mom would say that I am very submissive.
I am house and crate-trained and sleep through the night (in my human's bed, of course). I love to sit in my human’s lap while they watch TV and get all the pet pets.
I am working on general commands and walking on a leash (he needs to be in a harness leash, a regular collar leash freaks him out for some reason). I am going to need someone to be patient with me while I learn to trust you. But once you earn my trust, I promise to be the most loyal, loving boy you have ever met! If you’d like to meet me, please email!


Oh hai! Names Mya! I was just saved from Bartow AC on a very short timeline. I’m super spunky and I love being with my humans! I’m an American Bulldog/American Staffy mix and around a year old! I’m about 45 pounds and fully grown so I won’t get any bigger! I’m fully vetted and heartworm negative which is great news! I walk well on a leash, and I love playing outside! I’m also very dog friendly and loves humans of all sizes! I have not yet met a cat, but I’d be willing to try if you’ve got ‘em! I really hope this time around I can find my people, and they find me and we crate a home together full of love, pets, and yummy treats! If you think I’m the gal for you, email!


Hey hey hey! I’m CJ! Are you looking for a super fun, super cuddly, and super cute lil dude? Well, at 6 months old and a face to die for, you should pick me! I check off that list! I’m so much fun to have around, there will never be a dull moment! I’ll keep you laughing and smiling! We can make all the fun memories together. I’m dog friendly and love humans of all ages and sizes, but I haven’t met any cats. I’m not fully house trained yet, but I’m trying real hard on it. I’m getting better everyday! I’m in a wonderful foster home, but I’m ready to find my forever home. Can I be apart of your pack forever? Please say yes! Email and say yes to me today!


Hello, my name is Betty. I’m a very sweet and submissive black lab mix who was very mistreated in my past life. I duck down when I meet people at first in fear they will hurt me. But I truly am the most gentle girl around. Once I get to know you, I’ll curl up in your lap and ask for pets. I do pretty well on a leash and I’ve pretty much got my potty training schedule down. I’m very dog friendly, I don’t mind cats, and kids are really awesome! I’m so happy to be out of that nasty cold and loud shelter! Now I’m just looking for a forever comfy couch to spend the rest of my days! My fosters tell me how much they love me and how I deserve the best. Is the best with you? Email if you think you can give me the best forever life!

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